How to Register for a Sport/FAQ


1. Click on Athletic Clearance under registration tab.

2. Register. Parents register with a valid email username and password. (make sure to save/write down login and password) You will be asked to type in code to verify you are human. If this step is skipped your account will not be activated. (If this step is skipped, please call Athletic Clearance to activate your account.

3. Login using your email address that you registered with.

4. Select “New Clearance” to start the process.

5. Choose the School Year in which the student plans to participate.

6. Choose the School at which the student attends and will compete for, then choose a sport.

7. Complete all required field for Student Information, Educational History, Medical History and Signature forms. (remember that if you are unavailable that the medical history is all we have to give to EMS, if that becomes necessary. Please be thorough.)

8. Once you have reached the Confirmation Message you have completed the process. If you would like to register for additional sports check off the boxes on the sports below the confirmation message. The Electronic Signature will be applied to the sports selected.

9. All the data will be electronically filed with your school’s athletic department for review. When the student has been cleared for participation, an email notification will be sent. (Please print and send with athlete for the first day of tryouts, or as soon as you receive it)


What is my Username?     You username is the email that you registered with.

Multiple Sport Athlete     Once you have completed a clearance for a sport and arrive at the Confirmation Message, you will have the option to check off additional sports for the current school year. If you decide to participate in an additional sport later on, you can access the multiple sport check boxes by clicking on Print under the confirmation message of you original Clearance for that specific year.

Physicals     The physical form your school uses can be downloaded on step #1 or Student Info at the bottom of the page. (the online upload will be accepted and preferred, though if it is incomplete a hard copy will be required. Refer to the sports medicine tab under physicals to see the most commonly missed information) If you can not upload the form please turn in hard copy to the coach.

Why Haven’t I been Cleared?     Your school will review the information you have submitted and clear or deny your student participation. (Allow 48 hours for processing. Athlete may not participate in tryouts or practice until they are cleared. Parents will receive an email when the student has been cleared.

My Sport is not listed       Contact the Athletic director and ask if the sport is active for registration.